Water Protect Your Electronics

By June 3, 2014January 18th, 2017Blog, Defense, Nebula
DryWIred iPhone

It’s happened to all of us, whether it was due to bad luck or accidental. It may have happened while you were washing the dishes or lounging near the pool. It may have been knocked out of your hands by a passing pedestrian or left in the side pocket of your gym bag outside right before a rainstorm. Your phone got wet.

While you hope the inevitable won’t happen to you, accidents do happen. You can do a quick web search and find numerous do-it-yourself remedies: Shop Vac, bag of uncooked white rice, or simply your freezer. However, the best route to ensure your phone does not fall prey to water damage is to prepare it for the elements. Drywired can help.

The company’s Nebula and Nebula Junior systems utilize a technology known as plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition to apply a nanocoating one thousand times thinner than a human hair onto the critical components of your electronics, including phones, tablets, gaming consoles, cameras, and other high value items, creating a water-resistant barrier to better protect them from accidental water or other liquid exposure.

Designed for retailers, repair/service centers, and mobile ventures as a service for consumers, the Nebula chamber uses disposable gas cartridges that are non-hazardous, non-toxic, and can be shipped worldwide without restrictions. Simply place your electronics into the Nebula chamber and the machine does the rest. The Nebula system can spray up to 28 smartphones in less than two hours, while the Nebula Junior can accommodate up to 14 mobile devices in 60 minutes.
Watch the videos below to see Nebula’s magic at work.

As Drywired Vice President Alex Nesic stated, “We are confident that these two compact nanocoating systems will provide a phenomenal value addition to a variety of retailers in the electronics sector by increasing the availability and driving down the cost of this protective service.”

The Nebula systems are available for order. To schedule a meeting or place an order on either system, please contact Lilly Harms at 310-855-1201 or lilly@drywired.com.