The Drywired Team Presents & Exhibits at the 2015 International Production & Processing Expo

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DryWired at IPPE

Drywired is currently exhibiting at the 2015 IPPE in Atlanta, Georgia [January 27-29, 2015] at booth #7779 and also presented Drywired: A Revolutionary Nanocoating Technology yesterday as part of the Technology XChange sessions.


Drywired is showcasing coating products that could greatly benefit and advance the protein production and processing industry — Drywired’s 101X: Liquid Nanocoating, Defense: Plastic & Metals, and our line of Thermal Insulation products.


Drywired’s 101X: Liquid Nanocoating is used to prevent hazards and increase productivity by protecting equipment and its electronics prone to premature failure from humidity, moisture, and spills. Drywired’s coating for Plastic & Metals exhibit a self-cleaning property reducing the amount of maintenance and cleaning supplies needed, while also reducing the amount of bacteria up to 99.96%. Drywired’s Thermal Insulation line offers coating products that are applied like paint and dry to a thin, highly effective insulation resulting in massive energy savings. Drywired’s innovative nanocoating technologies are here to revolutionize the food manufacturing industry.