solar panel

Perma-Clean Solar

DryWired® Perma-Clean Solar is an easy-to-apply, single-step application coating designed to increase the efficiency of solar panels. Through it’s anti-static properties, Perma-Clean Solar prevents dust and debris build up. Perma-Clean Solar is also self-cleaning given it’s hydrophilic properties, which allows unwanted particles to be easily removed with only water rather than harsh chemical cleaners. Not only do the self-cleaning properties allow for an increase in photo-voltaic efficiency, but also lower maintenance costs and frequency. Perma-Clean Solar is completely transparent and does not change the appearance of solar panels.

  • Superhydrophilic

  • Antistatic

  • Self-cleaning

  • Transparent

  • Weather-resistant

  • Strong adhesion to substrate

  • Thickness: 100 nanometers

  • Single-step application

  • Application supplies included (squeegee, applicator cloth)

  • Cleans easily with water

  • Lowers maintenance costs

  • Solar Panels