Perma-Clean Solar 2.0

Superhydrophilic + Self-Cleaning Coating

Perma-Clean Solar 2.0 is a transparent, single-step coating designed to increase the efficiency of solar panels. Perma-Clean Solar 2.0 alters the electrical resistance of a surface to give it anti-static and anti-soiling properties. In addition, the coating exhibits a hydrophilic, self-cleaning property that allows surface contaminants to be easily removed with only water. These properties not only allow for an increase in photovoltaic efficiency, but also reduce the amount of maintenance required.



  • Superhydrophilic
  • Antistatic
  • Self-cleaning
  • Transparent
  • Weather-resistant
  • Strong adhesion to substrate
  • Thickness: 100 nanometers
  • Single-step application
  • Application supplies included (squeegee, applicator cloth)
  • Cleans easily with water
  • Lowers maintenance costs

Where to use

  • Solar panels
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Perma-Clean Solar 2.0

Case Studies

Yunlin Power Plant

Residential Solar Panels