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DryWired® Nebula II

The DryWired® Nebula II and Nebula II Junior are revolutionary patent pending bench top nanocoating systems that are affordable, compact and ideal for electronic retailers looking to offer invisible water repellent nanocoatings directly to their customers.The Nebula systems are a perfect solution for consumer facing mobile phone retailers, repair/service centers, mobile phone accessory providers and other small businesses due to their small footprint and performance reliability.The award-winning Nebula systems are designed and manufactured in California.

Nebula II systems can be used to Nanocoat:

  • Mobile phones
  • iPads and other tablets
  • Headsets, headphones and ear buds
  • Hearing Aids
  • Cameras
  • Electronic assemblies
  • Other high value items

The Nebula Fully Automated System Features:

  • Repeatability: within-batch, and batch-to–batch uniformity.

  • Lowest Cost-of-Ownership systems in the industry.

  • One cartridge used per cycle regardless of chamber load.

  • Compact design with no restrictive ancillary requirements.

  • Safe and user friendly with programmable settings.

  • Ideal for retailers, repair/service centers, mobile ventures, and kiosks.

  • Our chemical cartridges are non-hazardous, non-toxic and can be shipped worldwide without restrictions.

  • The invisible nanocoating provides enhanced protection against environmental conditions like humidity, condensation and salt spray which are extremely detrimental to electronics.

Complete Automation:

  • Powered by a credit card‐sized singleboard computer.

  • Large 7” Touch‐Screen LCD Interface.

  • Pre‐programmed process recipes for unattended repeatable processing.

  • Automatic Shutdown when process chemical is exhausted