Nanocoatings Being Tested on an LA City Electric Bus

By June 10, 2017June 22nd, 2017Uncategorized

Drywired was pleased to begin a trial of some of its innovative nanocoating technologies on a LADOT all-electric bus last week. This trial is another important test for Drywired and the City of Los Angeles. The test was first suggested by Mayor Garcetti’s Sustainability office.

Drywired incorporated several of its nanocoating technologies on the bus including Liquid Nanotint for IR and UV blocking. By coating the bus’ glass with Nanotint, the bus and its passengers will remain cooler while testing the potential decrease in the electric bus’ energy load.

The exterior of the bus was coated with Lumactiv – a photocatalytic oxidation self-cleaning technology that will allow the bus to scrub polluted air from other vehicles as it drives through the city.

In addition, Drywired coated the interior surfaces of the bus with its self-cleaning technologies making seats and handrails cleaner for longer.

The Drywired team is excited to be partnering once again with the City of L.A. in support of its Green initiatives.