LumActiv is a patented ISO Certified, light-activated hydrophilic coating that has the incredible ability to decompose organic compounds (VOCs), odors, and most airborne noxious substances by creating hydroxyl radicals and superoxide ions during photocatalysis.  This “smog eating” coating combines the air-cleaning properties of photocatalytic titanium dioxide (TiO2) with advances in nanotechnology. TiO2, in its nonreactive form, is commonly used as a food pigment and a UV absorber for sunblock. When this same eco-friendly material is heated to high temperatures it undergoes a change in structure giving the TiO2 its photocatalytic properties. LumActiv’s nano-scaled particles have an increased surface area when compared to conventional micro-sized particles.

The LumActiv coating not only reduces smog and other forms of air pollution, but also prevents contaminants from accumulating on hard surfaces. This self-cleaning effect is ideal for glass building surfaces looking to reduce cleaning cycles and save water while contributing positively to local air quality.

Although photocatalytic coatings have been available in some form or another for almost 50 years and studied in over 3,000 academic papers, LumActiv stands apart from the competition by its ability to improve air quality when exposed to the visible light spectrum as well as UV light. This innovation allows both indoor and outdoor air quality improvements when surfaces are coated with LumActiv.  The future of “green” building coatings should not end with solar panels and green roofs. Through the widespread use of photocatalytic coatings like LumActiv in urban areas, global air quality challenges can be met. 

  • Non-Toxic / ISO Certified
  • Breaks down VOCs, NOx and other airborne pollutants
  • Improves air quality in dense urban environments
  • Can be applied toward LEED credits for air quality
  • Creates healthier work & home environment
  • Interior/exterior application
  • Reacts with visible and UV light
  • Triggered by light energy, organic compounds decompose on a molecular level
  • Creates a super hydrophilic surface allowing water to wash away contaminants
  • Reduces need for building cleaning and maintenance

Air and Surface cleaning in:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals

  • Hotels

  • Airports

  • Restaurants

  • Public infrastructure

  • Public transportation

  • Offices

  • Shopping centers

  •  LumActiv Indoor
    • Increased light-sensitivity for use in indoor environments
    • Coverage: 475 sq ft / 32 oz
  • LumActiv Multipurpose
    • Intended for use on all surfaces other than glass
    • Coverage: 570 sq ft / 32 oz
  • LumActiv Glass
    • Intended for use on glass surfaces
    • Coverage: 475 sq ft / 32 oz
  • LumActiv Primer
    • Non-reactive base coat to protect organic surfaces
    • Coverage: 570 sq ft / 32 oz

PCO Overview

Lumactiv works by creating hydroxyl radicals and superoxide ions during photocatalysis – these ‘scrubbers’ break down harmful organic airborne pollutants such as VOCs, nitric oxides, carbon monoxide, and methane into harmless byproducts. 

Additionally, thanks to advances in nanotechnology, LumActiv contains nano-scaled particles which allow for increased surface area of reactive material when compared to larger scale particles. As a result, LumActiv has a higher rate of photocatalytic activity and decomposes organic pollutants much more quickly than our competitors, as evidenced by the ISO testing results of the International Photocatalyst Standards Testing Centre.

Whether our customers are environmentally conscious and intent on decreasing the air pollution in urban environments, looking to create healthier indoor environments or simply interested in keeping their assets clean and decreasing building maintenance costs, DryWired’s LumActiv photocatalytic coatings offer an innovative eco-friendly solution.

Mobil Gas Station – Los Angeles

Mobil Gas Station – Los Angeles

Chevron Gas Station

Chevron Gas Station

Los Angeles Animal Shelter

Los Angeles Animal Shelter

Los Angeles Central Library

Los Angeles Central Library

smog eating coating lumactiv
smog eating coating lumactiv




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