LumActiv Provides Animals at South LA Animal Shelter with a Breath of Fresh Air

By September 6, 2016October 17th, 2016Uncategorized

Last month, Drywired introduced LumActiv to the South Los Angeles Animal Shelter in an effort to improve indoor air quality.

LumActiv at LA Animal ShelterThe photocatalytic titanium oxide solution was applied to the interior walls of one of the most odor-packed areas of the facility, the sick feline quarantine room. The LumActiv application, in conjunction with one of Drywired’s PCO air purifying units, reduced odors to almost zero and promoted a healthier environment for the cats and shelter employees, overnight. City officials have reported an “80%” reduction in malodors.

Assistant Director of the City of Los Angeles’ Department of General Services Building Maintenance Division, BJ Fulkerson says, “we are glad to see that the LumActiv and the PCO unit deployed in the South L.A. kittyAnimal Shelter cat room greatly reduced the cat urine odor. We are currently engaged in installing additional PCO units and applying the LumActiv in some other high odor areas within the West Valley and East Valley Animal Shelters. An in-duct unit is also scheduled for installation in the South L.A. Animal Shelter.”

Drywired is excited to expand the use of LumActiv following the great success of this pilot project.