What Liquid Nanotint® Can Do For You

Reduce Heat

Summertime heat stays outside, increasing comfort and decreasing complaints from building tenants.

Save Energy

Solar-heat blocking and insulating properties stabilize temperatures, so heating and cooling systems use less energy.

Reduce Fading

Help protect the condition of valuable artwork and textile furnishings such as upholstery, carpets and draperies.

Conserve Natural Light

Say goodbye to dark rooms with Visible Light Transmittance of up to 75%

Block UV Rays

Liquid Nanotint offers significant UV protection, as much as 99%.

Increase Comfort

Enjoy any room in your building, any time of day with the help of Liquid Nanotint’s enhanced insulation properties.

Liquid Nanotint® Solar Control Coating

Liquid Nanotint is a highly transparent paint-on solar control coating that is an ideal retrofit technology for building owners and managers looking to increase energy efficiency, improve thermal comfort, reduce glare and eliminate harmful UV damage.

Best for use in: Single Pane Windows, Commercial glass, Residential glass, Poly-carbonate materials and Skylights

Coverage: Sample Kit: 45 sq. ft. / Starter Kit: 375 sq. ft.


  • Blocks up to 99% of Ultra-Violet Rays (UV)
  • Blocks up to 80% of Infrared Rays (IR)
  • Maintains up to 75% Visible Light Transmittance (VLT)
  • Reduces seasonal heating/cooling costs
  • Cost effective & environmentally friendly
  • Easy application by custom paint roller
  • Reduces glare
  • 15 Year Warranty

What is Liquid Nanotint?

Liquid Nanotint is a highly transparent solar control coating that blocks UV and IR. Unlike dark window film, it is more durable and transparent.

What is Nanotint’s optical performance?

The specially formulated Solar Control Liquid Nanotint coating blocks up to 99.9% of ultra-violet (UV) light and absorbs up to 95% of Infra-Red (IR) light on the window, while still allowing for up to 85% visible light transmission.

How is Drywired® Liquid Nanotint applied?

Liquid Nanotint is a 2-component solution that, once mixed, has a pot life of 2 hours. The mixed solution is applied with a specialized paint roller. For more detailed information, please consult the application instructions for Drywired® Liquid Nanotint.

Is Liquid Nanotint applied on the interior or exterior of a glass surface?

Drywired® recommends coating the interior surface of a glass. Interior environmental conditions are more easily controlled resulting in optimum clarity and uniformity of the final fully cured coating.

Are special conditions required during the application process?

Yes, Drywired® recommends application at a temperature between 41-95°F (5-35°C) and relative humidity 70% or less. Air circulation should be minimized to mitigate contamination in the form of dust and dirt during the application process and for at least the initial 60 minutes time.

What is the coverage rate of the Drywired Liquid Nanotint?

Each high-density foam roller used will absorb and retain 30 grams of Liquid Nanotint solution. In addition to these initial 30 grams, every additional 30 grams of Liquid Nanotint solution will cover an area of 1m2 (10ft2).

What type of surface preparation is required?

Clean glass is essential to successful Nanotint applications. We provide a glass cleaner and a primer that should be applied prior to the Nanotint. For more detailed information, please consult the Standard Operating Procedure for Drywired® Liquid Nanotint.

How large of a surface area can a single person coat in the recommended 4 minute time frame?

One person can coat approximately 2m2 (21ft2) before encountering application challenges.

Can the Liquid Nanotint coating be applied by a method other than the high-density foam roller?

HVLP spray application is possible but not recommended due to overspray challenges.

Are there any odors associated with the application of the product?

Similar to a household paint, there is an initial odor that lasts for a few hours as Nanotint dries. We recommend vacating the premises during the application for a minimum of 4 hours. Once the coating has fully dried (within 90 minutes), odors begin to diminish and off gassing occurs as validated by independent third party testing. This documentation is available upon request.

What are the recommended safety procedures?

As with any material being used in the workplace or home, please refer to label for safety precautions. More detailed information is provided in the Drywired® Liquid Nanotint Safety Data Sheet which includes safe handling, storage, personal protective equipment, and disposal procedures.

Can the Liquid Nanotint coating be removed from glass surfaces?

Yes. Nanotint is removable with specialty solvents and a razor blade.

Is there a warranty on this product?

There is a 15 year limited warranty on this product.

Can the Nanotint surface be cleaned with common cleaning supplies?

Yes common cleaners will not affect the Nanotint coating once it dries. We recommended waiting 14 days before cleaning the window. Abrasive cleaning materials should be avoided.

Can this coating be physically scratched?

Abrasion of the coating is possible. It is important to remember that the coating is only as sound as the substrate. If a material will abrade glass, it will abrade the Liquid Nanotint Coating.

  • Sample kit: 40 sq. ft
  • Starter kit: 375 sq. ft

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC): Fraction of solar heat that passes through a window and heats a room. The value is always a number between 0 and 1. Lower SHGC values mean less heat transferred from the exterior to the interior.

Shading Coefficient (SC): Value useful for comparing differences between a coated and uncoated window. A lower shading coefficient means better performance versus plain, clear glass.

UV RejectionIR (Heat) RejectionVisible Light Transmission (VLT)Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)Shading Coefficient (SC)

Boost Performance Without Losing Natural Light

Liquid Nanotint® maintains up to 75% Visible Light Transmittance while blocking up to 99% of UV and up to 80% of Infrared Rays

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