Liquid NanoTint Is the First Nano-Insulation Glass Coating To Be Implemented Into a Federal Building

By October 24, 2016Energy, NanoTint
Solar Control Coating Liquid Nanotint

Drywired’s Liquid NanoTint thermal insulation coating for glass was selected by the Texas National Guard to be a part of the energy efficiency retrofits being performed on two of its readiness centers – in Weatherford, Texas and Terrell, Texas in the last few weeks. Liquid NanoTint was used to coat un-insulated single-pane glass in order to increase the building’s energy conservation efforts while not sacrificing visible transmittance. This revolutionary product is the first time a nanotechnology based glass insulation coating has been specified into the retrofit of a Federal building. Widespread adoption of Liquid NanoTint on single-pane glass in the remaining 360,000 Federal buildings would quickly allow the US Government to surpass President Obama’s mandated 2.5% energy savings in Federal buildings every year until 2025. Drywired choose to not pursue Fed2eral funding during commercialization of Liquid NanoTint and as a result, was able to beat ARPA-E’s SHIELD program beneficiaries to market.  Drywired is proud to be a part of the National Guard’s efforts to increase its energy efficiency with cutting edge nanotechnology. Drywired was the 2014 Defense Energy Technology Innovation Finalist for Liquid NanoTint.

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