High Heat in Industry

By June 27, 2014June 17th, 2015Design, Safety

When working with industrial equipment and manufacturing facilities, it is essential to prevent many materials from transferring their temperature to an adjacent material. To prevent this change of temperature, you would employ some type of thermal insulation barrier. An everyday example is a thermos bottle’s ability to keep a beverage hot or cold regardless of the ambient temperature.


Properly designed insulation for industrial systems can mean big energy and cost savings for manufacturing companies. More simply put, it requires almost no energy to save energy.


Drywired’s Defense: High Heat is a water-based, non-toxic Green Tech nanocoating that provides excellent thermal insulation for buildings, pipes, tanks, and industrial equipment and manufacturing facilities. The insulation begins working from the time it is installed, lasts for the life of the applied surface, and, unless damaged, requires little maintenance. For a company, this means a reduction in asset turnover and waste; more importantly, this means a significant drop in installation and maintenance costs.


Defense: High Heat can easily be applied by a brush, roller, or paint sprayer to any metal surface up to 400 degrees F with no primer needed. Also, the nanocoating can be applied while in service. Its translucent color with matte finish allows for visual inspection and can be painted over as well.


The thermal insulation maximizes control of heat loss, which makes it an excellent safety coating to use for lowering hot surfaces to OSHA safe-touch levels. As the Occupational Safety & Health Administration guidelines state for personal protective equipment, “Hazards exist in every workplace in many different forms.” Why should you allow something so easily manageable to persist?


The nanocoating is also resistant to moisture infiltration and UV, for consistent thermal performance over time in outdoor environments as well as in extreme environments. Especially within pipelines, improper insulation can result in blockages and any downtime results in a loss of revenue and investment.


Thermal insulation is essential to industrial systems, not only for safety but revenue. Drywired’s Defense: High Heat will save many factories between 15% to 35% in monthly energy costs. For samples or to set up sample testing of Drywired’s Defense: High Heat, please e-mail info@drywired.com.