What Hand Protector Can Do For You

Kills 99.99% of all germs

Lasts Multiple Hand Washings (Only apply every 4 hours)

Non-toxic product, easy on your hands

Hand Protector Hand Sanitizer

Hand Protector instantly kills 99.99% of germs on your hands. Hand Protector provides persistent protection by coating your hands with an invisible antimicrobial barrier that stays on your skin for multiple hand washings. In fact, studies have shown this protective barrier binds to your skin cells and is only removed by natural exfoliation requiring that Hand Protector only be applied every 4 hours!

Your hands are constantly touching contaminated surfaces and then transferring these germs to your mouth, nose and eyes. The only way to stop this cycle of infection is to make sure your hands are always germ-free. This is not possible with almost all alcohol based hand sanitizers. Hand Protector provides an invisible antimicrobial coating on your hands that kills germs on contact, prevents the transfer of germs from contaminated surfaces and stops this cycle of infection by providing persistent, long-lasting protection.

  • Lasts multiple hand washings (only needs to be applied every 4 hours)
  • Kills 99.9% of germs
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-skin irritating
  • FDA registered
  • Made in the USA

Apply liberally to hands and gently rub until dry. Reapply after 4 hours.

Are there any safety concerns with Hand Protector?

Like all hand sanitizers Hand Protector should not be ingested and should be kept away from children. However, the ingredients in Hand Protector have very low toxicity and can be safely used on kid’s hands. In fact, the ingredients in Hand Protector are used in antiseptics and wound dressings.

Will Hand Protector wash or rub off my hands?

Hand Protector does not rub off and will remain on the skin until natural exfoliation occurs. Normal washing of the hands and even using alcohol hand rubs will not affect efficacy.

How often should I apply Hand Protector?

Hand Protector has two ways of providing persistent protection for your hands. Recent studies have shown that one ingredient lasts for 4 hours. In addition, another ingredient coats your hand like an invisible glove and lasts until natural exfoliation occurs. However, exfoliation varies due to factors like exercise, work environment etc. We recommend you reapply Hand Protector every 4 hours.  This provides maximum protection which is especially needed within a high-risk environment.

Will Hand Protector allow my skin to function normally?

Hand Protector does not inhibit the normal function of the skin. The antimicrobial coating bonds to the skin yet allows the skin to “breathe” normally.