Available February 2018


Durable Multipurpose Superhydrophobic Coating

Durapel™ is the world’s first durable superhydrophobic and icephobic coating. Durapel’s patent pending formulation combines a unique system of silica nanoparticles with fluorosilane and three different binders for durability.

Durability Test Results

Cross-Hatch Tape (ASTM D3359)SuperhydrophobicSuperhydrophobic
Taber Abrasion - 100 cycles (ASTM D4060)SuperhydrophobicHydrophobic
Wind Tunnel (subsonic - 160mph)SuperhydrophobicSuperhydrophobic
Wind Tunnel (Supersonic Mach 3)SuperhydrophobicSuperhydrophobic

  • Super Hydrophobic (contact angle greater than 160º degrees)
  • Icephobic
  • 2-part industrial and 1-part aerosol formulations available
  • HVLP Spray/Dip/or Spin application
  • Matte finish
  • Curing can be done at room temperature or sped up with UV/high temp/ebeam
  • Corrosion resistant

Can be applied on most hard surfaces including:

  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Wood