Drywired partners with C-SWEET at Google to advance diversity

By October 15, 2019September 16th, 2020Business

Drywired CTO, Dr. Terrisa Duenas, collaborates with fellow executives at the annual C-Sweet Google Event in Venice.

Drywired continues to attend C-Sweet’s Google events that foster executive level relationships for business development, collaboration and expanded career paths. Innovation thrives where there is diversity. During the event Drywired’s CTO and Nanotechnologist, Dr. Terrisa Duenas networked with fellow female colleagues to talk about disruption in our industries and how to bridge gaps together. She believes that where industries are disrupted is where there are gatekeepers, for example, digital disruption was the untethering of information. Naturally, cybersecurity was a central panel topic. Panel speakers discussed the growing industry of “precision wellness” enabled by the data-informing of individual consumers.

Google employees exemplified the C Sweet mission with their introduction of Tech2Empower which is an organization that brings together nonprofit leaders to connect, collaborate and access the latest technology and communications tools, training and project-based support. This is where advisors are engaged from leading companies to provide expertise, tech tools, support and training for women’s rights and social justice leaders. More information is here,  http://www.wakeinternational.org/tech2empower.

Cost and scaled understanding of nanomaterials has been nanotechnology’s gaps. Dr. Duenas discussed Drywired’s two spinoffs, Nanoarmor and EPIC Advanced Materials with attendees. Going back to the moon and going to mars will expose aircraft and crew to increasingly extreme environments and the need for extreme materials. Manufacturing of extreme materials has been synonymous with extreme processing temperatures, pressures and cost. Drywired’s figured out a way to make these extreme materials without the need for extreme measures. Drywired uses its deep understanding of commercializing nanomaterials to bring costs down, scale manufacturing and democratize nanotechnology similar to what’s happened with space travel.