Drywired named as the 3rd leading manufacturer of Hydrophobic coatings surpassing 3M, DOW, Corning and BP

By July 19, 2017Business

International research firm QY Research recognizes Drywired as the 3rd leading hydrophobic coating manufacturer globally. We were pleased to be listed  ahead of 3M and Dow Chemical and after Dupont and BASF. The top 20 vendor list, posted by the Time Gazette on July 17, 2017, includes:

  1.  BASF
  2. DuPont
  3. Drywired
  4. 3M
  5. PPG Industries
  6. Evonik
  7. BP
  8. Clariant
  9. Corning
  10. Dow Chemicals
  11. Nippon
  12. NeverWet
  13. Lotus Leaf Coatings
  14. Ultratech
  15. Hydrobead
  16. Aculon
  17. UPT
  18. Surfactis Technologies
  19. Buhler
  20. Nanogate

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