Drywired Invited to Exhibit at the Emerging Technologies Coordinating Council’s Quarterly Meeting

By February 17, 2016Blog, Energy, Event, NanoTint, Solar, Thermal
DryWired at ETCC

Drywired was invited to present its energy efficiency coatings at the Emerging Technologies Coordinating Council’s [ETCC] Quarterly Meeting.

This ETCC meeting brought together experts from industry, research, utility and government entities to discuss challenges and successes in the commercial building sector.  Panelists addressed the challenge of ensuring that all players contribute to making energy efficiency projects successful throughout their lifecycle, regardless of building ownership.

Drywired was excited to present Liquid NanoTint, Heat Shield: Roof Protect, and Perma-Clean Solar as simple solutions to current problems in the commercial building industry.


About the ETCC

To help achieve the state’s ambitious energy savings goals, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Southern California Edison, Southern California Gas Company, San Diego Gas & Electric, and the California Energy Commission created the ETCC with oversight from the California Public Utilities Commission. Sacramento Municipal Utility District joined the ETCC Leadership Team in 2009. In 2014, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power joined the ETCC Leadership Team.

The ETCC provides a collaborative forum for its members’ to exchange information on opportunities and results from their Emerging Technologies activities. Efforts are focused on identification, assessment, and support for commercialization of energy-reducing technologies. ETCC members are committed to helping achieve California’s energy-reduction goals by screening potential technologies, assessing them to validate performance and customer acceptance, performing in-situ demonstrations and recommending the proven winners for IOU customer education and rebate programs. The ETCC is particularly interested in technologies that offer large energy savings and rapid market penetration.