Drywired Introduces NanoArmor at IACP 2014 – Orlando, FL

By October 27, 2014September 1st, 2020Blog, Defense, IACP, Tradeshow

The Drywired® team is currently exhibiting at the International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference 2014 [IACP] in Orlando, Florida [October 25-28, 2014].


Drywired is excited to announce the launch of NanoArmor – the only advanced carbon nanotube rifle plate in the world to guarantee NO TRAUMA at NIJ Level III exposure.

NanoArmor™ is a 3 – in – 1 ballistic panel:

1. Zero Trauma

2. Stab Proof

3. Rifle Protection


After 10 years of development, NanoArmor is born as an incredibly powerful, trauma-free protection system for military and law enforcement. “NanoArmor is game-changing. A lifesaver. This is the future of ballistic protection,” says Major Bob Bevelacqua, USA Green Beret, Ret.


To read more about the revolutionary rifle plates, click here: nanoarmor.com