Drywired Exhibits at LA Drone Expo 2014

By December 13, 2014June 17th, 2015101X, Blog, Defense, Drone, Tradeshow
DryWired at LA Drone Expo 2014

Drywired exhibited alongside Ctrl Me Robotics at the first-ever LA Drone Expo 2014 which was held by the UAVSA, the United States First Commercial Drone Association. The event featured more than three dozen exhibitors, ongoing panels and a dedicated “Fly Zone” for live drone demonstrations.


The Drywired team was excited to introduce our 101X hydrophobic and oleophobic liquid fluoropolymer solution to the drone industry. 101X is a leader in the world of hydrophobic coatings for avionic electronics, having passed multiple military standard tests for resistance to environmental conditions, chemicals and liquids. It is proven military grade coating that is currently being used on avionic components of the Air Force’s F-35 Raptor and Boeing’s 777 airliner.


For more information, please visit: www.drywired.com/101x/