Drywired Exhibits at Unmanned Systems Institute Conference

By December 14, 2015101X, Blog, Defense, Drone, Tradeshow

This week Drywired will be exhibiting at the 2015 Unmanned Systems Institute (USI) Conference in San Diego, California (December 14-16). The USI is the leading organization committed to bringing together private and public sector stakeholders fostering the growth and effective use of unmanned systems technology. Through efforts such as this conference, USI provides programs that drive innovation, educate, and provide a critical understanding of how unmanned systems applications, solutions and hardware can improve culture, society and industry.

Drywired is excited to be presenting 101X, our patented hydrophobic liquid fluoropolymer solution, at the conference. 101X can virtually storm-proof drones providing protection from water landings, rain and environmental moisture. With electronics and their components forever getting smaller and more densely populated, thick conformal coatings are becoming unusable and irrelevant. 101X ​ is a thin film, user-friendly alternative to messy conformal coatings and a leader in the world of hydrophobic protection for avionics having passed multiple military standard tests for resistance to environmental conditions, chemicals and liquids. ​Transparent, less than half a micron in thickness ​and with a track record of use on avionic mechanisms of the Air Force’s F-35 Raptor and Boeing’s 777 airliner​,​ this solution is the ideal choice for protecting unmanned vehicle systems and their components.


  • Clear & colorless liquid with optional UV dye
  • Non-flammable
  • Easily applied by dip or spray
  • Can be soldered through
  • No masking required
  • Extremely thin coating (415 nm thick)
  • Heat stable: 150°C (continuous); 250°C (one hour)
  • Non-toxic (PFOS & PFOA free)
  • Strong chemical resistance
  • Hydrophobic (120º contact angle)
  • Oleophobic (60 º contact angle)
  • Made in the USA

101X has passed the following laboratory tests:

  • IPX7 (1m waterproof certified)
  • IP5X (dust-proof certified)
  • MIL-STD Method 507 (temp/humidity certified)
  • MIL-STD Method 509 (salt/fog certified)


For more information on Drywired’s 101X: Liquid Nanocoating, click here: https://drywired.com/101x/.