Drywired Exhibits at Special Operations Summit – Little Creek

Special Operations Summit Little Creek

This week, Drywired will be exhibiting at the Institute for Defense & Government Advancement’s (IDGA) Special Operations Summit – Little Creek in Norfolk, Virginia from November 16-18.

The three day summit will bring together senior DOD decision makers with industry leaders to outline challenges and requirements for supporting the next-generation US Navy SOF war fighter. Enabling NSW with cost-saving and capability enhancing technology better equips future SOF war fighters to win in an increasingly difficult battle space.

Drywired is excited to be presenting its line of advanced protective coatings to the NSW community. The coatings presented will include: thermal insulation, self-cleaning, anti-corrosive, anti-slip, anti-fog, and hydrophobic.

Drywired nanotechnology can:

  • Protect mission critical electronics from water exposure when mechanical seals fail
  • Provide corrosion protection to infrastructure and vehicles
  • Increase fuel efficiency in military vehicles
  • Reduce thermal heat transfer in sensitive armaments, infrastructure and vehicles
  • Protect military clothing from moisture and contaminants
  • Provide energy savings in government buildings
  • Keep windows and goggles from fogging up
  • Improve air quality of barracks & training facilities

For more information, please visit: www.drywired.com.