Drywired Exhibits at the 2016 Defense Maintenance & Logistics Exhibition

By December 6, 2016Defense, Tradeshow

Drywired exhibited at SAE International’s Defense Maintenance & Logistics Exhibition in Albuquerque, New Mexico from December 5-7, 2016. The show brings together companies involved in military and commercial maintenance technology, information systems, and management processes to showcase products and services which shape the current and future state of defense maintenance and logistics.

Drywired’s suite of advanced coatings supports DoD maintenance efforts by:

• Drywired’s Rust Protect reduces the cost and time associated with corrosion mitigation by coating rust directly and preventing the need for expensive/time consuming sandblasting and grinding
Liquid NanoTint creates super-insulated glass and polycarbonate surfaces easily and quickly without losing visible light transmittance
Perma-Clean Solar provides robust self-cleaning/dust-free characteristics to glass, metal and plastics in harsh environments improves visibility
• Hydrophobic protective coatings for circuit boards, textiles, hard surfaces: 101X, Textile Shield, Plastic & Metals 
LumActiv improves air quality in vehicles and maintenance areas
Anti-Graffiti protects building assets from vandalism