Drywired Demonstrates Liquid NanoTint to Canyon Middle School

By August 6, 2018September 16th, 2020Liquid Nanotint
Solar Control Coating Liquid Nanotint

Drywired is continuing to work with Castro Valley Unified School District and DSK Architects, this time demonstrating the heat negating effects of Liquid NanoTint® on a classroom at Canyon Middle School. This classroom is equipped with old single pane windows that directly face the sun causing massive solar heat gain throughout the day. After the nanocoating was applied, there was a severe drop in temperature, making the classroom more comfortable for students and staff. Liquid Nanotint will also reduce the amount of energy used in the classroom as it reduces the need for air conditioning.

CVUSD is compromised of 15 different schools, is considered a California Exemplary District, and serves over 9,000 students. Additionally, thirteen schools within the District were named Green Ribbon Schools by the Castro Valley Sanitary District for their recycling efforts.

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