Drywired Coats High End Car Dealership

By September 7, 2018April 13th, 2020NanoTint
Solar Control Coating Liquid Nanotint

Drywired recently demonstrated our Liquid NanoTint® product at JN Exotics in Honolulu, Hawaii. JN Exotics is a part of JN Group, which was founded in 1961 by Joe Nicolai. Several windows at the dealership were coated with Liquid NanoTint, and various local contractors were in attendance to learn more about the coating and how it is applied. These contractors included JD Painting, Landmark Painting, Okada Quality Painting, and R&M Painting. This demonstration showed the heat negating effects of Liquid NanoTint to JN Group; It also garnered interest by local contractors in becoming authorized installers of the coating.