Drywired Coats CalPrivate’s Beverly Hills Location

By July 24, 2018September 16th, 2020Liquid Nanotint, Lumactiv
Solar Control Coating Liquid Nanotint

Drywired recently coated a branch of CalPrivate Bank with our LumActiv® and Liquid NanoTint® 2.0 products. CalPrivate was having issues with malodors and solar heat gain at their Beverly Hills location. LumActiv was chosen to be applied to Cal Private’s restrooms because of it’s photocatalytic properties that allow the coating to break down foul odors and variable organic compounds (VOCs). The coating successfully eliminated the malodors and improved air quality. 

Liquid NanoTint 2.0 was chosen as the solution for the temperature issue in the conference room as it blocks up to 95% of Infrared Rays (IR) and allows up to 90% of visible light to pass through. After Liquid NanoTint 2.0 was applied, there was a decline in temperature in the bank’s conference room while still allowing natural daylight to illuminate the room. 

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