Drywired Drone Defense @ 2014 CineGear Expo

By June 6, 2014June 17th, 2015101X, Blog, Defense, Drone
DryWired Drone

This past weekend (June 6th-7th, 2014), Drywired, attended the incredible CineGear Expo at Paramount Studios.  We showed off our TBS Discovery Pro Gimbal drone coated with our patented 101X hydrophobic nanocoating capable of withstanding heavy exposure to water without loss of functionality. CineGear is an ever expanding, well-respected event featuring companies that produce the latest “cine-gear” in the industry including sponsors like Sony, Blackmagic Design, Panavision, and GoPro.

Drywired was proud to be a part of the event and excited to introduce our revolutionary protective technology to the ever expanding drone industry.  A drone protected with the Drywired 101X will now be able to film unmanned aerial footage with no regard for weather conditions or any accidental encounter with liquids.

I think Alan Taylor knows what to use now to capture incredible shots filming Terminator: Genesis!