Drywired Attends the 2018 DOE Small Business Forum and Expo

By May 24, 2018October 15th, 2018Tradeshow

Drywired attended the Department of Energy Small Business Forum and Expo in Houston, Texas May 22nd – May23rd 2018. Drywired exhibited Liquid NanoTint® and LumActiv®. Liquid NanoTint® is a thermal insulation coating ideal for single-pane glass and polycarbonate surfaces, and is capable of blocking 99.9% of Ultraviolet (UV) rays, up to 95% of Infrared (IR) rays, while maintaining up to 90% of visible light transmittance. LumActiv® is a patented ISO Certified, light-activated hydrophilic coating that has the incredible ability to reduce the amount of smog in the air. LumActiv® is eco-friendly and non-toxic. Learn more about the technologies at the links below.

Liquid NanoTint®: