Drywired attends the 2017 Department of Defense Allied Nations Technical Corrosion Conference

By August 7, 2017August 31st, 2017Tradeshow

Drywired attended the Department of Defense Allied Nations Technical Corrosion Conference in Birmingham, Alabama August 7th through August 10th, 2017. Drywired exhibited Rust Protect, a direct-to-metal (DTM)/direct-to-rust permanent primer that protects a wide variety of ferrous materials, including rusted metal surfaces from continued deterioration. Rust Protect also acts as a adhesion promoter, creating a strong bond between the substrate and application-specific top coats. 101X, a hydrophobic coating for electronics, was also on display at the corrosion conference as a solution to mitigate corrosion on electronic surfaces. Drywired® 101X is an easy-to-apply liquid coating solution ideal for protecting electronics from moisture and corrosion. The PFOS/PFOA-free fluoropolymer liquid chemistry relies on a patented C6 fluorocarbon to provide hydrophobic and oleophobic properties to electronic substrates. Learn more about the Drywired technologies at the links below:

Drywired 101X: https://drywired.com/101x-hydrophobic-electronics-nanocoating/

Drywired Rust Protect: https://drywired.com/rust-protect/