101X Receives UL Recognized Component Certification

By January 5, 2017March 31st, 2017101X

Drywired’s 101X, a hydrophobic coating for electronics, has been recognized as a UL compliant component.

Drywired’s 101X is now certified as a coating for use on UL recognized printed wiring boards. This means no additional certification is needed to use the UL mark on a finished good that wishes to use the 101X coating. To achieve this certification, the 101X cured coating was tested to safety standard UL746E. UL746E tests the flammability of polymeric materials such as industrial laminates, filament wound tubing, vulcanized fibre, and other materials used in printed circuit boards.

Drywired’s 101X is an easy-to-apply liquid coating solution ideal for protecting electronics from moisture and corrosion. The PFOS/PFOA-free fluoropolymer liquid chemistry relies on a patented C6 fluorocarbon to provide hydrophobic and oleophobic properties to electronic substrates. The solution is easily applied by dip, spray, spin, flow, or syringe coat, and suspended in a non-toxic, non-flammable, hydrofluoroether solvent that is compatible with a variety of materials. Minimal to no masking is required depending on assembly configuration. 101X dries in seconds to a thin, transparent film with excellent anti-wetting properties against liquids including water, oil, and a variety of chemicals such as heptane, toluene and acetone. 101X is an excellent product for electronic manufacturers, assemblers, and contract coating facilities to provide an effective solution at a lower cost. Made in the USA. TSCA, RoHS, REACH & WEEE compliant. Now a UL recognized component.