Corrosion Inhibitor

By June 25, 2014June 17th, 2015Defense

Corrosion is the enemy to most industrial equipment and manufacturing facilities. Preventing corrosion is fundamental in providing durable structures that will not become future liabilities. While this may seem obvious, corrosion is still a pervasive issue worldwide. Unless it is specially treated with rust-resistant materials, nearly every iron-based component is at risk.


Intruding water is the key problem in corrosion under insulation, whether the moisture is external or present in the insulation. The combination of water and oxygen causes iron oxides to form along the metal’s surface, forming rust. By understanding the different types of corrosion, we can distinguish the proper corrosion inhibitor to be employed to prevent rust. Drywired can help with this step.


Drywired Defense Commercial & Infrastructure Coatings form a tight bond with the substrate and eliminate issues with corrosion under insulation, since they are resistant to moisture and UV. Investing in a rust prevention product like Drywired’s Nanocoating will protect the integrity of your equipment and facilities, in outdoor and extreme environments.


Additionally, the resistance to UV protects your equipment from increasing degradation that could cause materials to crack or disintegrate. Extensive exposure to the sun can cause materials to lose their strength and/or change color.


Corrosion is unappealing, but rust damage can threaten the overall safety and health of your machinery. With rust, equipment may start to malfunction or break down; any downtime in manufacturing results in a loss of revenue and investment.


How do you know if Drywired can work for you? Take a look at the results. After various tests, Drywired Defense Commercial & Infrastructure Coatings passed 2,000 hours of UV exposure, avoided rust after the GM9540P Accelerated Salt Fog Corrosion Test, and showed no visible signs of cracking, flaking or disbondment within an internal temperature difference of 120 degrees to 28 degrees with consistent insulation over 100 days.


Drywired Defense Commercial & Infrastructure is easily applied with a brush, roller, or paint sprayer to any metal surface up to 256 degrees Fahrenheit, no primer required. Its clear application allows for visual inspection of the substrate. In addition, it is easily painted over. To set up sample testing of Drywired Defense Commercial & Infrastructure, please e-mail