DryWired at ETCC
February 17, 2016

DryWired Invited to Exhibit at the Emerging Technologies Coordinating Council’s Quarterly Meeting

DryWired was invited to present its energy efficiency coatings at the Emerging Technologies Coordinating Council’s…
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Roof Protect
January 28, 2016

DryWired’s Roof Protect Meets CRRC Requirements through Independent Lab Testing

DryWired® Heat Shield: Roof Protect has met Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) licensed seller requirements…
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Liquid NanoTint samples
Press ReleaseThermal
November 10, 2015

Nanotechnology based window insulation delivers year round energy savings in any type of climate

Windows are responsible for over 25% of the heat transfer in structures (Los Angeles, CA)…
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November 5, 2015

DryWired Invited to Present Liquid NanoTint at CA Energy Commission

DryWired was invited to present our DryWired Liquid NanoTint product to the Emerging Technologies Coordinating…
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DryWired - Defense Energy - Austin
November 11, 2014

DryWired Wins 2014 Defense Energy Technology Challenge with Thermal Insulation Nanocoatings Presentation – Austin, TX

DryWired is currently presenting its product line of thermal nanocoatings at the 2014 Defense Energy…
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