Liquid Nanotint® Certification Program

Drywired is actively looking to expand its installer network. If you are interested in becoming a Liquid Nanotint Installer, please fill out the form below and one of our executives will follow up with you in a timely fashion.


  • One representative must attend Liquid Nanotint® Certified Applicator training (Cost: $495.00)
  • Signed Certified Applicator agreement and mutual NDA


  • Your company will be listed on under Professionals
  • All application requests in your region will be forwarded to your company
  • You will receive access to all digital marketing materials, product brochures, product data sheets, safety data sheets, application instructions, independent lab testing reports, etc.
  • You will be entitled to free training should Drywired update the product, release subsequent versions, or significantly modify application methods
  • You will receive a Certificate identifying you as a Liquid Nanotint® Certified Applicator
  • You will be able to identify yourself as a Liquid Nanotint® Certified Applicator on your website, marketing materials, business cards, company vehicles, etc.


  • Can only sell and advertise Liquid Nanotint® as part of a service, cannot resell or advertise the product as a standalone item